Lean Leadership Podcast

A weekly thirty-minute podcast featuring compelling stories from leaders and authors in the Lean, Six Sigma, & Continuous Improvement field like Mark Graban, Jamie Flinchbaugh, Karen Martin, & Andy Carlino. Learn What do they consider their biggest setback or challenge in their lean journey? (Hint: They are just like you, and they got through what is holding you back.) What do they consider their a-ha or success moment in their career? What tools and resources do they use to achieve success? What advice do they give to the individual just starting out on their Lean journey?
What advice do they give the experienced professional to help them achieve next-level success?

Recent Episodes

Lean Accounting

Episode 070: Nick Katko - The Role of Lean Accounting in Continuous Improvement

Jan. 19, 2022

Today’s guest is Nick Katko. Nick is the President and owner of BMA. For over 30 years, Nick has leveraged his lean accounting experience and philosophy in assisting BMA clients in developing, leading, and coaching them in t…

Guest: Nick Katko

Episode 069: Peter Docker - Leading From The Jumpseat

Jan. 5, 2022

Happy New Year.  I hope your 2022 is filled with all of the personal and professional success that you endeavor to achieve.  I’m really excited about our first guest this year, Peter Docker.   Peter is inspired by seeing oth…

Guest: Peter Docker

Episode 068: Crystal Davis - Building in Learning and Sustainability in Lean Transformation

Dec. 15, 2021

Today’s guest is Crystal Davis.   Crystal has over 20 years of proven Lean experience in the automotive, beverage, and supply chain industries and she has a STEM Industry focus. Her client roster consists of Fortune 500/1000…

Guest: Crystal Davis

Episode 067: Skip Steward - Connecting the Dots: Lean Executive on Improvement in Healthcare

Dec. 8, 2021

Today’s guest is Skip Steward. Skip Steward earned an MBA and is experienced in diverse industries including automotive, machining, food, process, service, and healthcare. He is a Shingo examiner, a Certified Quality Enginee…

Guest: Skip Steward

Episode 066: Deondra Wardelle - Being Authentic: Alignment, Communication, Great Questions, and Humility

Nov. 24, 2021

Today’s guest is Deondra Wardelle.   A visionary leader, entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, Deondra R. Wardelle specializes in empowering individuals and corporate groups through strategic visioning to achieve goals and susta…

Supervisor Mining

Episode 065: Hugh Alley - Operational Excellence and Advice for Becoming the Supervisor

Nov. 17, 2021

Today’s guest is Hugh Alley,   Hugh has a breadth of experience in helping organizations make measurable improvements in productivity, quality, and delivery, all of which improve profitability. He also helps people become be…

Guest: Hugh Alley