Lean Leadership Podcast Episode 049: Paul Dunlop- The Answers to Your Problems Are Already Here

Today’s guest is Paul Dunlop,
Paul brings with him over 20 years of management and manufacturing experience across a broad range of industries. In his operational management roles, Paul has led successful Lean implementation and transformations using the principles of the Toyota Production System. His passion for operational excellence using Lean tools and methodology has helped drive sustained continuous improvement and financial performance at many client businesses.

Established in 2017, Dunlop Consultants delivers customized Lean based
consultancy, coaching, and training. Paul recognized a gap in the market for a practical and accessible approach to continuous improvement and leadership that works for everyone and delivers sustainable results by building genuine capability in the client business.

The pillars of People, Process, Play, and Profit are central to Paul’s values and the effectiveness of his approach with a focus on enriching the quality of people’s working lives through inclusion and engagement and building cultures of problem solvers and learners. With human beings at the center of the change and improvement process, we can mine the wealth of talent and experience we have in our organizations to innovate and provide unique and sometimes simple solutions to the problems that frustrate and inhibit performance.